Saturday, December 8, 2012

Elf on a Shelf: Week 1

We had our Elf come to us last year, the kids named him Douglas. Here is what Douglas did the first week he was here for his second year with us.
Day 1

The boys were amazed to find Douglas in a bowl of Marshmallows
Day 2

Double date, and it looks like they are loving the Christmas candy

Yes Douglas is dating Baby Spice

Hes too cute

Day 3

Looks like the Lego men have this under control

So funny

Day 4

Tea party with his Christmas friends

Well of course he has to have a candy cane in his marshmallows

Silly Pluto is enjoying his candy cane

Day 5

Looks like Douglas was hungry, he stole some of James birthday cake!

Can you tell Travis JUST woke up?

Since it was his birthday he needed a picture alone with Douglas.

Day 6

He got the boys involved with this one!

Travis making his snowman

All done

James making his

All done

Well of course he ate it after he was done

Day 7

Douglas  mad a tire swing. lol
Day 8
Travis was the first to find him, bot of the older boys got 3 pieces of chocolate

Oh you silly Elf
More to come next weekend!!

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