Saturday, August 4, 2012

Who Dun it on Fairytale Boulevard....

James was in a play!!! I signed him up for a class at our local children's theater. The class was 10 days long, 2 hours a day. The director had the kids make up their own character, and he wrote the play based on what the kids gave him. I say the kids did a pretty good job for such a short rehearsal time! I made James costume. It turned out pretty good. I bought a red shirt from Hobby Lobby, button, and some yellow electrical tape. then i bought a foam hat and foam letters.

All my supplies

All done!


Now lets see how well i can do this!

Half way done

Looking good!

we ended up sewing on the buttons, the glue didn't hold to well in this heat

all done!!!!

Velcro strap to hold his hat on

He did so well in his first little performance!!! and looked so cute too!!!!

Back of his costume

and the front...hes so cute!!!
Nan Grandpa and Travis waiting for it to start!!!

The director telling us about practice and what they learned

The End....

My cutie


James and Director Don

Nan grandpa and their boys

Me and my baby

Proud mamma
Now before you watch the play, I am going to give some
The kids only had 2 hours a day, for 8 days with their script, all of the kids have never done this before, including James. The director asked me to have James audition for future plays (and James WILL be doing more, he LOVE this!!) because James was very good about memorizing his lines, and the blocking, also he did not speak monotone Director Don was very impressed with James, and so was I!!!! A little bit into the play there was a concert that started outside, lol, the kids did really well trying to speak up over the music. All in all these kids did a very good job, very proud of my James...cant wait to see him in more involved with the children's theater.

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