Monday, February 13, 2012

Just an Introduction

    I would like to start off my blog by just giving a little look into my world. Sorta like a summary of our life. I will be going into more detail of the main events later on, and would like to start writing about being a wife and stay at home mom. My best friend said I needed pretty much  "share my knowledge with the world". So here we are!

     It all started with "I Do" on February 28th 2004. Matthew and I didn't realize the fun crazy life we have just entered into. I had my husband to myself for about a month, then had to give him to the Marines. Don't get me wrong, that was a great decision that he made. The United States Marine Corps have really given us a wonderful adventure and have opened some amazing doors! Off to boot camp he went.
Personal photo of Matthew and I on our wedding day

Personal Photo of Matthew and I on his graduation day from boot camp
     3 months later, yes that's right 3 months, my husband graduated on time. Then off to some more training and off to Pensacola Fl he went. I joined him in September of 2004 2 days before hurricane Ivan (Now that's a whole different blog entry). In the very beginning of 2005 I started to have baby fever! At the age of 18 and 19 we got married,and at the age of 19 and 21 we conceived our first baby right after Matthews birthday in march. Just another adventure to add to our list.

    So it was time to say goodbye to Pensacola Florida and hello to Havelock North Carolina. In November of 2005 we moved into our town-home on base. This is where we would learn a lot about life in general, and so much about each other. Mind you we were very young getting married and starting a family, but would never change it for the world.
     December 5th 2005 James Matthew was born. (This is one of my best friends birthday) It was so very exciting and also so very scary. That story will have to wait, I am trying my hardest to just give you an idea......
Personal photo of our first son in the hospital James Matthew 6 lbs 12oz
     So life went on for a couple more years and I did not want anymore children after that scary labor and delivery I had with James, but somehow Matthew gave me some puppy eyes and I gave in and we conceived our second baby in February of 2008.

    Travis Michael was born on November 20th 2008. (Again this is one of my best friends birthday and my Grandpas birthday!) I have such an amazing labor and delivery this time.
Personal photo of our second baby boy and I. Travis Michael 7lbs 12oz
     So as our family was growing and time was passing, my husbands time in the Marines was coming to an end. He gave them 5 years of his life, and he was not able to re-inlist due to health issues. We moved to my moms house in February of 2009. It was a rough couple months since Matthew and I were not sure where we were headed next or when we were going to start this new adventure. Matthew got a interview and a job offer in april of 2009!! Off to Florida once again.....

    In August of 2009 I packed up my 2 little boys with the help of my Mom, Nan and Grandpa, and my Aunt and we moved our things to Milton Florida. Milton Florida is only about a 30 minute drive to where we used to live in Pensacola! We knew our way around and loved the gulf beaches. In december of 2009 I got a job at Target. It was very exciting for me to get out and get some extra income. In June 2010 we found out our family would be growing yet again!

personal photo of our first home we bought in Milton Florida
    September of 2010 we started looking for a house to buy. In October of 2010 we put an offer in on a house, and November 2010 we were home owners!!! It was such a great feeling to know we owned a home. December for 2010 we were offered a chance to move back to California. Matthew was offered a job on NAS Lemoore. So off we went, leaving our home we just bought behind. But it was just one more adventure we got to experience. We arrived in Visalia California on January 16th 2011......

      February 23rd 2011 our 3rd precious baby boy was born. Welcome to the family Luke Macy.
personal photo of our 3rd son Luke Macy 6lbs 11oz
   At that time I still wanted 4 children. It took some time and some other life changing events to realize I was more then happy with our family the way it was and did not want any more children. As you can see we have had so many things happen in such a short amount of time. So many amazing things, good and bad. And so my story is just beginning ....of One Girl and Four Boys........
Personal Photo of Me and My 4 Boys

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  1. I love it, this is really a great blog! Glad you have launched it!! Love you always auntie Kathie <3!

  2. I can't wait to read more!!! This was an AMAZING idea I feel like you have soo soo much to share with the world you are so knowledgeable and I believe you went through the things you did...good and help others go through them. You have such a natural motherly instinct that can't stop with your 3 beautiful boys because lots of people need a Natasha in their life. I feel so blessed that you were and still are a part of mine. Love you!!

    1. thanks Amanda! you are too sweet!! love you and glad to still have you in my life as well!!!