Friday, August 10, 2012

Any 90's kids remember these???

Remember as a kid you would make the bead designs then iron them? I have those for the boys, but my recent trip to Hobby Lobby I found the little plastic pieces with the metal framing that you bake in the oven!! I don't remember them being so difficult to make, lol, but they were still lots of fun. My son told me he wished we could do that forever, and that he was sad that we were done making them. this means I will be buying them again!!!

Let the fun begin!
Travis opened the packages by himself, can you tell??

James attempting to clean it up

I helped Travis with his, he told me where to put the colors, I poured.

James turn, he mostly did his all alone, I got the tweezers and helped him get some that were out of place.

Working hard

We are all done, they are ready to bake at 350!
Mine is the cupcake, James is the space one, and Travis has the turtle

All done, and ready to hang up

He went straight to his room and put it on his window
Just another fun little activity to add to our collection of memories....what fun things do you do with your kids?

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