Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mother's Day/Spring Flower pot DIY project

I made these flower pots for Mothers day to hand out to all the moms in our family. They were very fun to make, and are beautiful for spring time.
The supplies you need:
  • Terra-cotta pots (I got mine from Michale's, but Lowes or Home Depot will have them all year round)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Ribbon
  • A block of green styrofoam for each pot (also got from Michale in the flower section)
  • Fake grass filler
  • Wood flowers
  • Dowels
  • Already painted wood bugs, flip flops, sun..and so on, whatever style you are going for
  • Hot glue gun
  • Clip on decorative bug
Start with painting the pots, I chose to paint flowers on the sides, simple enough, but pretty, and great for spring. I let those dry and moved onto the wood flowers, then you will need to glue your decorative already painted wood pieces to dowels. When everything is dry, put the styrofoam in the bottom of the pots, add your grass, and start to arrange your flowers, and other dowels that you glued things to. Tie a ribbon the the top of the pot, and add any other special touches you have. This is better then buying a bouquet of flowers, this will last forever, and also comes from the heart.

Before I moved back to California where all our family is, My son made cute flat flowers to send cross country. I let him draw the flowers, he colored them, and we cut them out and attached them to Popsicle sticks, he then wrote, "I love you" on the sticks, "happy moms day", and "love James". These were a lot easier to send then big pots. But also a great fun idea rather then sending flowers.
My Aunt took a picture of her displayed flowers
Do you do anything different for a mothers day gift?

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