Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Night!!!!

I am usually a bit more creative with the boys costumes, but I let them pick out what they wanted to be. I am NOT a fan of masks. You can not see well while trick or treating in the dark, ad I can not see their faces in pictures. But they are to old now for me to control what hey want to be I guess. Next year I will be a bit more creative.... say Wizard of Oz theme!!!!!! BUT Matthew and I really got into our costumes this year, I have to say mine is the best!!! hahaha And well since Luke is named after Luke Skywalker, so I got him a Yoda costume. Duh yes not the same person, but the same theme....
GO GO Samurai

Kisses to my babe

Oye Husband

Me and my love


My babies!!!!





Trick or treat

Happy guy getting candy

He sat and waited for trick or treaters, it was really cute

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