Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Family Vacation Pictures, Convict Lake/Mammoth Lakes

I am going to do these pictures a little out of order, but I am trying to just get them a bit more organized. I will start at the end of our trip when we stopped in Bishop, Ca to go to Law's Museum.


Looking at the model trains

Baggage room

Post office that was open well into the 60's

The excitement on their faces are priceless in this picture

How would you like to get your hair curled in these??

Just teaching the boys in the old school house

Now I will put our Tubing pictures. We found a fun place in Mammoth Lakes to go tubing. The boys had a blast!!! We weren't sure if Travis was going to like it, but they went down those slopes a god 20 times!!! If you want to see the videos click here.

Next is our snowman building. We set up our camera to take pictures one after another.

Travis made a house with me in it

Miscellaneous pictures!!!!


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