Monday, February 25, 2013

Hall Coat Closet Trasformed To My Craft Closet

When we moved into our new house a couple months back, I had no place to put my crafts, the boys school material, or all our boar games. So I was just shoving and hiding everything in the closet in the hall. First I thought we could just put already built bookcase in there, but I didn't think that would give me the room I wanted. So then I figured we could just built our own shelves so I will have exactly the space I was looking for.  We had leftover wood from our laundry room shelf and some great pieces of wood from my grandparents. It turned out perfect! I have my sewing machine and board games now on the top shelf, party and holiday items with paper and greeting cards on the next shelf, the boys art items stickers paints glues on the next, all my school material next, and at the bottom I have all my extra craft wood jewelry making things some other misc. items.
Before and After

What a mess!!!!!!!!!

So glad to be organized again, that was killing me!