Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY Popcorn cake!!!

This cake was a bit difficult. It was made for my cousins son, who requested birthday cake ice cream and red velvet. Red velvet and fondant, no problem. But ice cream with fondant is very hard. When working with fondant you nee to smooth out and mold it to your cake, but that's very difficult to do when the ice cream is melting as you are trying to make your masterpiece! So we would work with the fondant for a minute then put it back in the freezer for an hour, then work with it some more, and freeze it again. Then to top it off it had to be transported an hour and a half away! Dry ice is amazing! It keep that cake frozen the whole way even thought it was over 100 degrees outside! All in all it turned out ok with the difficulties we had, it looks cute, and the 7 year old little boy was happy with it. And that's all that matters right??!!!! NEXT TIME NO ICE CREAM CAKE!!!! (if its here at my house I will make one again though, it was delicious!)
3 layers of red velvet, 2 layers of birthday cake ice cream, frosting to hold the fondant in place, fondant, caned frosting at the bottom and canned frosting for the popcorn!

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