Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All about Easter!!!

We have done some very fun activities, and crafts this Easter. Melting crayons, painting eggs, more painting with wooden eggs, flower pot cupcakes, and egg dyeing of course! I thought it would be fun to share my ideas and crafts that we have done to inspire craft time with your kiddos. The boys just love doing these crafts together.

First lets start off with the melting of the crayons. Most all moms have a bucket full of broken unwanted crayons. They either get thrown out or they just end up sitting there not being used. Well I found  a nifty idea on pinterest of course! What you do is find a fun cookie, cupcake, or cake tray, and you unwrap and sort out all your Crayons. Preheat the oven to 325 or 350 depending on what kind of oven you have. While they are in the oven keep an eye on them. I left them in for about 10 minutes the first set, and about 15 the second set. Make sure your trays are all oven safe, I used a silicon tray and a friend thought it was an ice tray...that would have been a disaster if she tried it in her ice cube tray!

Next little project that we did was painted big eggs that we bought from Michael's arts and craft store. The boys really loved getting creative with this one. I made Luke's egg since he is so little and would probably only eat the pain. But James and Travis did an amazing job with theirs. I bought some cute spring colored acyclic paint. 

The next project I pretty much did alone, it was fun to just relax and paint. Crafts relive stress for me. I bought the wood eggs from Hobby Lobby, and the cute little Easter tree from the dollar section at Target. Such an easy fast little decoration.

The next project was of course dyeing eggs!!!! Probably my son James favorite project! He loves to eat the eggs too. We bought a cute hat decorating set, and a toy story set. I also bought the cute cups to dye them in. I use all vinegar to make the colors brighter on the eggs.

And last but not least, I had took on so many projects that my husband pretty much did this one for me. They are cupcakes in a little silicon flower pot. You had to make the batter and your own frosting. they turned out pretty good, and super cute!

So what would a Easter blog be without pictures from our Easter egg hunt, and Hunting for the boys baskets!!! That silly rabbit just loves to be sneaky and hides their baskets in the funniest places! James's basket was in the dryer, Travis's basket was in the front closet, and Luke's was obviously a little was on the couch. And the Bunny hid their eggs out in the backyard. The eggs are always filled with money, and my Aunt bought the boys bunny banks last year, and now each year it will be fun to add the Easter money to the banks.

We hope you all had a Great Easter!!!
Love The DeMercados

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