Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 Parks! 2 Boys! 1 Mom!

So Travis Lukie and I went to this park away from our house, by the airport to feed the ducks. Can you believe that the ducks did not want to eat?? So we went to our park down the street from our house. I went a little crazy with the picture, but lets be cant have too many pictures of 2 cute boys.

Attempting to feed the ducks

Luke just wanted to run, it made me nervous next to the gross water. lol

Come here brother, mom wants a picture

Turn your head lukie

Just wants to walk!

Who wouldn't love this face!?!

I'm cute and I know it

Travis at our park

The shoes were hurting his feet, he refused to walk

Let go of me!

Go Travie! See Luke going down again..his feet hurt...

So off went the shoes!!!!

And away he went!

He was unstoppable!!!

Wait for me Luke!


hahaha he is yelling


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