Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Garden Gift Stones

We made these hand print/footprint garden stepping stones when Travis and James were littler, and now that we have Luke I wanted to update them!!
I bought all the supplies from Michale's arts and crafts (gotta love that store, and Hobby Lobby). The cement and plastic mold comes in a package together, and then you can buy addition packs of cement. I then bought some fun glass pieces and made initials for whose hand print or footprint was whose.
Here we go.....

Got some fun stuff on clearance!

I had to blot some water out with a paper towel.

Nanny in Idahos finish product! hers has green coloring in it! love it!

All picked out and ready to go

Added the stone first

Mine is still drying!
Nan's stone!

Nanny's gift!

Grannies stone

Almost all done!

Travis foot, and James hand
Our new one, and our old one
This is such a fun gift to make for loved ones, and looks great on display...such good memories.

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