Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Calypso the Cat

We finally got a cat! We are not really cat people, but my friend found this kitten and we just had to have her! Matthew brought it to my attention that we named her Calypso after the queen of the sea, but cats hate water! She sleeps with James, he absolutely loves her! Travis of course loves her too, and so does Luke. Thanks Becky for the great find!!!!
This is MY kitty

I LOVE HER...she may not be to fond of him though

James and his kitty

Travis loves his kitty

Oye Travis

NOM NOM or maybe kisses?

Seriously my little trouble maker

Hes gonna break an arm..or crack open his head..

He's not allowed up here, i caught him and had to take a picture, he got in trouble after. lol


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