Friday, August 10, 2012

Dragon Wagon REDO!!!!!

So we have this wagon out back, poor thing has been through moves, weather, sprinklers, and just normal use. The water is what got to it. poor thing is all rusty, and also some pieces on it were loose. Have you seen the commercial about FLEX SEAL? It is pretty much rubber in a can, in their commercial they show them spraying a screen door with it, then them floating in water on the screen door. Well I figured this might be an easy fix for my Dragon Wagon!!! Here I go....
Flex Seal from target for 12.99, a paint brush I have had for some time, and a can of "oops" paint from Lowes for 5.99
Before.....scary business

My project


This part was loose, I tried my best to tighten it, some screws were stripped, that maybe a job for Matthew

All cleaned up, I scrubbed the inside to get all the rust off, and also tried to remove as much paint as possible.

OK, lets get started on the Flex Seal

The inside is all done

Flex seal is drying

I used the entire can

Now I painted the outside with my "oops" paint! Dark green...

She is all finished, and ready for some air in her tired, and she is ready to be used again!!!! This time she is staying in the garage.

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