Friday, August 10, 2012

Fourth of July cupcakes

I love to bake with the boys, mostly I like to do cakes, cookies, or cupcakes because then they can decorate them the way they want to (and you know thats always the best part besides eating them). these first photos were when we were living in Florida, James was 4 and Travis was 2. I wanted to do something different and fun, so I added food coloring to these cakes, I used Pillsbury cake mix, then added blue to the batter, and of course bought fun patriotic sprinkles, and star candles.
Blue cakes!!! Most are already frosted.

Travis would rather eat the sprinkles

All done, and ready to eat!!!
Then we of course had to light the candles, we are celebrating Americas Birthday after all!!


Making a wish....


Travies turn

Yay buggie!!
Then we ate.......

Must be yummy!!!

My sweet messy boy

And then we had fun......

My Boys

Now this year I used the Pillsbury frosting and cake mix, and found fun toppers at the dollar section in Target.
My supplies....

James with his favorite one

Travis with his....

All our finished cupcakes.....
What goodies do you do with the kids for the 4th of July?

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