Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wedding Bouquet Memory Box

Ever wonder what to do with your wedding bouquet after you have dried it? I did! I had my poor little wedding bouquet sitting first in a bookshelf on display, then we moved a couple times, so it sat in a box alongside all our other wedding mementos. 
My cousin Brian got married last summer, his wife Daniella dried her flowers and cut off the buds and put them in a shadow box. Brilliant idea!!!! I saw them and HAD to do it to my flowers. They were just sitting in a box, and who knows, our next move they may have gotten smashed.
I had my husband dig them out of the garage, I told him I wanted to display them in a shadow box, I plug in the glue gun, and I start to chop off the stems, I swear I think his heart stopped at the sight of me tearing apart my bouquet. Poor guy, I guess I didn't fill him in on my little plan, OOPS...
I gathered all my supplies:
  • Shadow box (from Michale's)
  • Glue gun with glue sticks
  • My wedding bouquet, and my husbands boutonniere
  • I used the ribbon on my bouquet, and the pins that held the ribbon on
First I took the ribbon and pins out and set it aside, then I cut off all the stems (I left my husbands boutonniere untouched). I pulled the back off the shadow box, and started placing the flowers where I wanted them. My cousin had a huge beautiful bouquet so her flowers filled up the whole box, where as mine, I had to get a bit creative on how I was dong to display them without it looking like a  huge mess. After I had everything in place, I started to glue. You need to watch out if the background is a dark color, your glue strings will show up very well. My cousin used her pins to put in the roses, such a good idea, but since mine was a bit more bare, I decided to add them to the ribbon that I had out on the outside. I didn't mean to make a  heart, but it all just came together that way, and its so weird because I had two pieces of ribbon in my bouquet and the smaller piece just happen to fit around the heart, I didn't do any cutting to ribbons. 
When I was done, I think my husband was a bit more relieved to see what I had done to the flowers, I scared him there for a little bit. 
My finished display
As you can see I had a much smaller bouquet (2004)
My cousins beautiful bouquet
As you can see her bouquet was a lot bigger then mine (2011)
What did you do with your flowers after your wedding?

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