Friday, August 10, 2012

Why not have fun outside on a rainy day??

When we lived in Florida, we got a lot of rainy days. So we always made the best of it. I really miss the rain, we do not get much here in California. I would let the boys dress up in rain jackets, rain boot, and an umbrella, they would play in the rain and the puddles. Seriously, what kid wouldn't want to do this?? Of course we would only go outside if there was no thunder and lightning.
James having a good time!

Cute little Travis playing in the water


2 umbrellas!!!

twirling the umrellas

hahaha sitting in his rocker
We got lucky with one storm here in California this year!!! I let them take advantage of it, and play outside. Florida rain is a lot warmer then California rain.

They were really cold! They didn't care.


can you tell hes having fun


catching raindrops

We originally went  to the park to fly a kite

Me and Luke stayed out of that mess

Too much fun!!!

they had a blast

Daddy got in too

They all walked home(our house is right down the street)
Do you go out and enjoy the rain? Or let the kids out to jump in the rain puddles??

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