Saturday, September 29, 2012

Home Pictures ALMOST Done

So people have been asking to see pictures of the house, its not completely finished, i still need finishing touches here, like blinds in the dinging room, a cabinet for my dvds, there is still a box of craft stuff in the dining room I need to figure out how to organize all that, my bedroom is nowhere close to done, the back yard is half way done, the laundry room needs one more shelf, and we wont be touching the front of the house till this spring. But here is what we have so far....... 
Travis bed

Lukies bed

Travis and Lukes room

Front room

Walking in the hosue


Dining room

I still need a cabinet for my dvds and a place for all my craft stuff thats in that box


James room

James school side of his room *hehehe Luke*

Matthews NBC collection

Matthews office

more office

I still need to finish and picture my room and bathroom, the back yard, the boys bathroom, and the front of the house...but this covers most of it!!!

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