Saturday, September 29, 2012

Painting in the Park

Well Not only was this a fun thing to do for my kids, but there was a reason for my madness. I wanted to make a cute little laundry room for our new house, and I found this adorable idea on Pintrest (of course) of this girl who took photos of her daughter playing the the laundry basket, and hung the pictures up with cute wood hangers. I lost all my bookmarks, so I cant find her page to link you to it, but I'm almost positive you all have seen it already! Well instead of doing the laundry basket photos, I decided I wanted them to be messy in the pictures, soooo instead of playing in dirt, I figured PAINT!!! Paint all over would be great, well not at my house of course, so to the park we went. I got them white shirts, old play jeans on, and a white sheet, oh and don't forget about the paint. I brought my husband along for help. We only made a little bit of a mess....Luke didn't enjoy it as much at the older boys, but I still got some great pictures!!!! *Finished Laundry Room*
This is one I have hanging in the laundry room

Getting all painted up

Not so sure

Loving it

Walking to me, he had enough already

I have this one hanging up also...

This one is hanging up...

hahaha oh travis...

This one is one of my favorites..its hanging up

Yes I know, Luke looks sad, but he shouldn't be..come on this is fun!!!!

This one of Luke is hanging up

hahaha oh my.....I didn't think this through....

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