Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Night Light

Ok this one was a spur of the moment fun idea. My son loves his nightlight because he likes to read in bed, or build Legos. His nightlight in his wall just wasn't cutting it. He would have to sit against the wall out of bed to read. I was thinking and thinking of other things you could use a spaghetti jar for, OF COURSE A NIGHTLIGHT!!!!!  
I gathered my supplies:
  • Spaghetti jar
  • Acyrlic paint
  • Long paint brush
  • Bulb (I recommend a small very low watt bulb)
  • The long cords with the bulb attachment at the end
  • Drill
My husband drilled through the lid of the jar, not sure how he did that, but I know the metal was sharp, so he filled the edges. My son painted the inside, we let it dry and we were done. The glass will get hot so this is recommended for older kids who will not play with it. We have a picture of a pretty large bulb, its all we had available, I will be buying smaller ones to put in his night light. It would even be a good idea to make a  couple and hang the min their room.
All ready to go

He has started

Good job Lovie!

All finished....


And it is a success!!!


I say he did a great job!!!!

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