Friday, August 10, 2012

Kid Friendly Easy Desert

Looking for a desert your child can pretty much make all on their own? I found a great one!!! Krustease makes some good deserts in a box, I like to make fresh deserts, but when it comes to kids this seems the easiest best thing to use. This was raspberry bars. I helped James gather all his ingredients, and read the directions to him, but he did it all on his own!! I DID PUT IT IN THE OVEN, DO NOT LET CHILDREN OPERATE THE OVEN WITHOUT AN ADULT. He did a great job, and it turned out very tasty. Not only does it give the kids a sense of accomplishment, but it also teaches hem measurements, and how ingredients can come together to make a delicious treat.
getting the crust all ready

poured the crust that was mixed with butter into the baking dish

get it all in there buggie!

Now smash it down as much as you cna

ready for the oven!!!!

After it comes out of the oven its time to add the raspberry filling

We have to make sure it OK to eat ;)

you might want to add the towel around it like I did, so they dont burn themselves.

spread it evenly

just add the topping

Ready to eat!!!
Any easy desert ideas you have done with your kids??

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